Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation
Lex Law lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of civil litigation. Counsel aggressively advocate in state and federal courts and administrative settings, including professional and business license proceedings. Advocates have represented clients in jury trials numerous times, including landlord-tenant, personal injury, and employment. Law firm attorneys have appeared numerous times for bench trials and other adversary proceedings in civil court throughout California.

Estate Planning
Lex Law lawyers are experienced in drafting wills and trusts, including Special Needs Trusts and Minor’s Trusts. Advocates have secured numerous Conservatorships to assist clients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, dementia, and other functional limitations. Advocates work closely with family members, medical specialists, and appointed counsel to secure court approval for Conservatorship applications. Law firm lawyers litigate will and trust cases regarding allegations of overreaching and undue influence.

Lex Law maintains a dynamic immigration law practice, representing individuals from numerous continents. Attorneys work to secure temporary Visas, Green Cards, and citizenship for clients. Law firm attorneys represent individuals in Federal Court removal proceedings.

The Lex Law firm works closely with established bankruptcy counsel to provide sophisticated bankruptcy advocacy in both simple and complex cases. Attorneys appear in Federal Bankruptcy Courts throughout California.

Attorneys in Lex Law’s landlord-tenant practice group litigate eviction jury trials and engage in all aspects of eviction law. The Firm’s lawyers have experience addressing affirmative defenses, including habitability issues and requests for ADA accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Lex Law maintains a roster of experts on fire and pest control for consultation and testimony.

Criminal Law
Lex Law lawyers appear frequently in criminal court representing clients charged with DUI, restraining order violations, and all aspects of traffic court tickets and citations. Attorneys appear in criminal courts throughout Southern California.

Restraining Orders
Lex Law’s lawyers have more than 10 years’ experience both securing and defending against allegations related to restraining orders. Clients include men and women, and cases involve family members, intimate partners, colleagues, and neighbors. The Firm’s lawyers are experienced in litigating requests for restraining orders for relationships that include an element of “grooming” by one party to justify and defend against abuse of the other party.

Business Creation
Lex Law’s lawyers work in tandem with attorneys who have years of experience forming business entities, drafting operating agreements, and securing intellectual property protections. The Firm’s lawyers have worked with businesses offering services and products, including high-end baked goods, fashion, and cosmetics.

Employment Discrimination
The Firm represents employees exclusively. Lex Law employment discrimination clients include nurses, teachers, public relations professionals, and many others. The Firm has sued hospitals and rehabilitation centers, private and public-school systems, PR firms, and other types of employers. Clients include women and men of all ethnicities. Issues include hostile work environment, physical workplace violence, retaliation, whistleblower, and workplace safety violations.